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My name is Jibola Emmanuel Folarin. I am  the founder of Fola Nature Oy's . My family and I have been residing in Finland for about nine years.

My father instilled in me a strong foundation in civil engineering, along with a strong entrepreneurial streak that runs in my family. I am a goal achiever and a herald of positive change for my generation and future generations,

I've conducted, promoted, and instructed people on the effects of climate change, the environment, and humanity.

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What Fola Nature is about?

Fola Nature is passionate Promoting greener globe, 
Sourcing and Creating green energy products. Fola 
Nature is against deforestation and we are 
revolutionising climate change. 100% green.

Our three key elements are:
• Humanity
• Climate
• Nature

Fola Nature is encouraging grass roots women and 
local farmers all over the world.
We focus on 3 major products:

• Cocofin Briquette.
• Palm kernel shells (Biofuel) supplies and produce as Pellets.

Fola Nature, we focus on 3 major products:

• Cocofin Briquette.
• Palm kernel shells (Biofuel) supplies and produce as Pellets.
• Biochar including by-products in productions


Our continuous drive towards sustainable and clean energy has given birth to Cocofin briquettes, unique form of fuel that offer several features and benefits compared to traditional fuels like wood and charcoal. This is because briquettes are made by compressing biomass materials such coconut shell, and other sustainable agricultural residues

The use of coconut shell for briquettes as a sustainable, green cooking fuel, and palm kernel shell, as biofuel can contribute to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
▪ Goal 1 - Health and well-being:
By providing a cleaner and healthier cooking fuel option, the use of coconut shell 
briquettes can reduce indoor air pollution, respiratory diseases and related health problems in households, thus promoting health and well-being.
• Goal 2 - Gender Equality:
Women often bear the responsibility for cooking in the home. Making clean and efficient cooking fuels more accessible reduces the burden on women's time and health, and contributes to gender equality by empowering women and enabling them to participate in other activities.

• Goal 3 - Affordable and clean energy:
Coconut shell briquettes and Palm kernel shell are a sustainable and clean energy source. Their affordability and reduced environmental impact are in line with the goal of ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
• Goal 4 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure:
The production and distribution of coconut shell briquettes can stimulate innovation and infrastructure development, particularly in the renewable energy sector. It supports sustainable industrialisation and infrastructure growth.

•Goal 5 - Climate Action:
Coconut shell briquettes and Palm kernel shells are a climate friendly alternative to traditional fuels. Their use reduces greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, thereby helping to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.
In summary, the adoption of coconut shell briquettes/PKS as a cooking Biomas fuel aligns with multiple SDGs, contributing to health, gender equality, clean energy, inno
vation and climate action.

Goal 6: Life on Land:

Sustainable management of palm kernel shell for biofuel production can help protect terrestrial ecosystems, aligning with SDG 15's focus on life on land.

However, it's essential to consider potential environmental and social impacts, such as land use changes and biodiversity loss, to ensure that the production and use of the palm kernel shell as a biofuel are aligned with broader sustainability goals.

1. Production Efficiency: Enhance the efficiency of biofuel production processes to ensure a competitive and by sustainable market presence.

2. Environmental impact: Reduce carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability by replacing traditional fuels with biofuels.

3. Community Engagement Foster local engagement by creating jobs, supporting local economies, and promoting awareness of sustainable energy practices.
2. Optimize the briquetting process to enhance the structural integrity and energy content of coconut shell briquettes.
3. Implement advanced pyrolysis techniques to maximize biofuel yield and quality.
4. Explore potential applications for by-products such as biochar and syngas to enhance project sustainability.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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